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Buy Telc Certificate Without Exam

We bypass the whole process of you taking the exam. If you buy the required certificate and grade from us, we will provide you with the original certificate which you can check on the official website to verify your name in the database.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is a key qualification in a united Europe and a globalized world. With a telecommunications certificate, you can document your language skills - in ten languages ​​and at all skill levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Telecommunications exams are developed by leading didactics and testing specialists. We constantly check the validity, reliability and objectivity of our language exams to ensure maximum quality.
Important advantages at a glance:

• High quality and international recognition by universities, companies and government agencies.
• Transparent, world-renowned CEFR level system
• Authentic, practical exam tasks
• More than 3,000 test centers worldwide
• Flexible exam dates, short registration deadlines
• Fast and reliable evaluation of exams
• Free practice materials to download
• Fair prices

TELC exam - The European language certificates

Is your dream job abroad? Would you like to study at a foreign university? Do you need official proof of your foreign language skills? Berlitz offers several official TELC exam dates as well as TELC preparation courses.

With a TELC certificate you prove your achievements in a foreign language. Berlitz offers you the opportunity to take a TELC exam in one of our centrally located centers.

TELC languages: English, German, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Arabic
The advantages of preparing and conducting a TELC exam with us without exams:

  • TELC certificates are recognized throughout Europe (TELC issues more than 100,000 certificates per year).

  • All exams are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

  • Language skills are tested in authentic situations. These come from all walks of life, at home and at work.

  • Focused preparation and dedicated course materials

  • Suitable for any application:‍ Residence permits, settlement permits, early settlement permits, naturalization (since January 2019, all non-Swiss nationals must prove the language spoken at the desired place of residence when applying for a residence or settlement permit.)

Which TELC test is right for me?

Before you decide to take an exam, we assess your current level with an oral test at our center to help you find the test that best suits your goals and language skills. As soon as we have determined the best exam for you, we will prepare you for it in flexible and efficient individual lessons. You will then quickly acquire the necessary skills and background knowledge you need for effective exam preparation.